Cut up town

- motorways and other non-places in Stockholm

I love Stockholm, it is a beautiful town, comparatively quiet and silent and with a lot of vegetation and water. To my surprise I discovered some time ago a few places that appeared to have been "left over" in the great transformation of the town from the 1960's on. Pointless and ugly back sides.

When I started to search out the ugly in Stockholm in a more systematic way to take pictures, I soon discovered what it is that turns parts of Stockholm into a desert, a battlefield, a no-man's-land if you only see it - not from the beautiful front which it is so easy to keep to if you know your way around town - but look around the corner, to the back side: Traffic.

I have no ready-made solution to how to create a more dignified existence in Stockholm, I have no opinion as to whether further highways in some places may improve things elsewhere. I have just been amazed and fascinated by the absolutely crazy environment we have created in order to build a better life.

Stockholm Town Museum 16 February - 31 March 1996