Version: July 5, 2021

Nilson Evilásio

Educational longarm


I used a long arm to transcribe wax cylinders and in 2018 we publish the article "Hill and Dale: The Edison technique and the preservation of phonographic recordings of wax cylinders" in a physics teaching journal of Brazil. The article presents a review of the principles of the first technique of sound recording/playback, created by Edison in 1887. The article aims to bring discussions for classroom, about concepts such as uniform circular motion, acoustic, transduction and reciprocity from transcriptions of sound recorded more than 100 years ago on wax cylinders, performed by a low cost archeophone. This work is the result of the "Recording Techniques" classes for the only acoustic engineering course in Brazil at the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria. The long arm was made with a telescopic tube with a headshell mounted cartridge at one end and a counterweight at the other end. An Arduino Uno was used to control the engine speed coupled to the cylinder mandrel. The sound from the wax cylinder was digitally transferred to a computer via a USB audio interface.

Nilson Evilásio de Souza Filho, 2021


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